About Visual Voice

After a decade working in the design industry learning the ropes in retail design, travel POS, advertising, photography, and lastly sales in print, VISUALVOICE (once a vision) took a leap of faith knowing that gumption and a love for creating beautiful things would build a strong creative foundation. 20 years later, the passion remains strong. VISUALVOICE is an ambitious petite studio nestled in Ancaster Ontario, with BIG creative ideas. The goal here is to help clients accomplish fantastic things through creative thinking then brand their product in a way that positions them as leaders in their industry. VISUALVOICE feels that the minute you consider yourself great or ‘the best’ you lose your hunger to grow, therefore we remain humbled BUT strong and proud of every accomplishment big or small. Every day curiosity takes over and the daily routine begins for creating something new here. Albert Einstein once said, “CREATIVITY IS INTELLEGENCE HAVING FUN”. How appropriate.

So let’s begin. What can we create for you?